1Q® Gummy with Colostrum

1Q® Gummy with Colostrum
Product Code: 1Q® Gummy with Colostrum

1Q® Gummy with Colostrum is fortified with antibiotic-free, pasteurized, reduced fat and reduced lactose colostrums. It contains antibodies, especially the Immunoglobulin Type G (IgG), calcium, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to improve digestive health, strengthen the bones and enhance the body’s immune system. It is also provides higher protein to serve as building block for growth. 1Q® Gummy with Colostrum is amazingly delicious and no milky flavor as it comes with six fruity flavors, which is suitable for kids who dislike the taste of milk.

What is Colostrum? Colostrum is a form of milk produced by cows in their late pregnancy through the early days of breastfeeding. It is called the “perfect food” as it is the perfect first food for the immature digestive system of the newborn. Colostrum is extremely easy to digest and high in concentrated nutrients. It has a laxative effect on baby, which helps him pass his early stools to prevent jaundice.

Nowadays, adults are looking for a boost such as colostrums for their children’s immune system to fight infection or immune-related chronic diseases such as cancer.

What is Colostrum Good For?

1. Gastrointestinal Health

2. Autoimmune Conditions such as asthma, anemia, etc.

3. Immune Health

4. Bone Growth

5. Heart Disease

6. Influenza

7. Cancer

8. Healing, Tissue Repair, and Injury Recovery

9. Detoxification

Differences Between Colostrum and Milk

Colostrum Milk

Higher in antibodies and growth factors,

especially immunoglobulin Type G


Lower in antibodies and growth factors

Higher in concentrated nutrients, such as 

proteins, vitamins and minerals

Lower in concentrated nutrients
Higher digestion and absorption in the body

Comparably lower digestion and absorption in the body than colostrum

Contain less lactose Contain more lactose
Contain less fat Contain more fat
Less milky taste More milky taste

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