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A true understatement of parenting is saying there is an importance of a children's routine. Routine establishes so many aspects of healthy living, good habits and good behavior that even the slightest structure is necessary in day-to-day life.

Really, kids need and even desire routine – even if they don’t know it – and there are plenty of ways to get them going by building a schedule that works for the whole family. There are many positive side effects for establishing strong routines for kids.

The Researcher and nutritionists in BioFact Life (BFL) has researched and developed a series of health food products with innovative format with great taste for kids. All these health food products were born with One Q (1Q), literately meaning in enhancing kid’s IQ and Health. Thus, we are committed to initiating various technological innovations, all of which serves as further foundation for product development, industry growth and long-term quality assurance.

Now, BFL has successfully introduced and exported 1Q products to more than 10 countries within 2 years, we have also put the name and picture of ‘TOM AND JERRY’ with 1Q brand, we believe that all kids would love our products more and more.

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